Shree Swaminarayan Temple, New Jersey
1667 Amwell Road, Somerset, NJ 08873


We welcome all of you to our VdtalDham Bal Ghanshyam kids activities which are held (virtually)every Saturday at 6pm. We provide an opportunity for kids to learn about Lord Swaminarayan while enjoying a lots of STEM based arts and crafts based on our Indian holidays as well as American holidays. We teach our children not to just follow our religion and traditions blindly but they learn why and how to celebrate it as well as the history behind each tradition. Our children are our future and one day they will keep our temple and traditions going, keeping that in mind, we provide leadership opportunities, public speaking, classical dancing, STEM based arts and crafts, Vedic maths, Artificial Intelligence and team building to name just few of the many things offered in our classes. We encourage you and your families to participate in our temple activities so that we can brighten our children’s future together.

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